Shaft Upgrades

Shaft upgrade type 2: The Proprietary 46T* Graphite, SST Pured shaft, is a lighter shaft designed for lower ball flights with reduced spin rates. The shaft is made up of a mixture of 30T-46T* multidirectional graphite layers coupled with a reinforced 4 axiv material in the butt section for extra stability. Once fitted for this shaft, you will experience increased distance and accuracy on the course.

Shaft upgrade type 3: The Proprietary 65T* Graphite, SST Pured shaft has been designed for golfers with slower swing speeds. The ultra-lightweight shaft is constructed from a mix of 40T-65T* multidirectional graphite layers, including reinforced 4 axis material on the outer layers of the Butt section and running down the core of the shaft for ultimate stabilityOn course, you will experience a larger kick sensation for an explosive impact, offering a higher ball flight and unrivalled distance.

Shaft upgrade type 4: Seven Dreamers, Japanese shafts. Ultra-premium, bespoke graphite shafts designed & crafted around your game. This will include a fitting in a Seven Dreamers laboratory (Currently, only found in Japan). Whilst at the Seven Dreamers laboratory, you will receive a full 3D fitting and in-depth analysis. From the data captured, the shafts will be made bespoke to your requirements. These shafts are made to order and unique to every individual.

*Shaft Tonnage Definition: All graphite shafts are created with carbon fibers that are weaved together, and these fibers are measured by their modulus of elasticity in tension. Standard golf shafts are anything up to 24T, the measurement of tensile strength. As the tensile strength increases, the carbon weaves become denser, and more rigid, and return quickly to their original shape. The flex & rebound of the shaft becomes more predictable, enabling you to hit more consistent shots with greater accuracy.